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Smart Science Seminar

Session 1: Introduction to Smart Science

Examine foundations of scientific thought, and distinctions between observational and historical science. The reality is, it’s smart to acknowledge that the universe shouts with evidence of intelligent design by an intelligent creator.

Session 2: Smart Science: DNA & Dinosaurs

Talk about smart! We look under the microscope and explore the mind blowing world of DNA and nanotechnology. Since most people in today’s culture “love” dinosaurs, we examine scientific and Biblical insights on where these beasts came from, and how they disappeared from the earth.

Session 3: Smart Science: Earth’s Age & the Flood

Contrary to popular belief, scientific evidence and the Biblical record do not point to evolution over millions of years, but to a dramatically younger earth. At the conclusion, attendees will be inspired and equipped to have a consistently Biblical worldview!

Earlier Event: October 25
Bowling Fundraiser at Spare Time
Later Event: November 2
Jacob's Well - Marquis Laughlin