Christine Hawley


Isn’t it wonderful that the good Lord created some people with math skills, who truly “love” working with numbers!  That would be our Business Administrator, Christine Hawley.  Christine and her husband Rob, a former council member, have been active members at Union Church for more than a decade.  Christine has served in many volunteer roles, including Chair for the Business Committee for 2 years, and Assistant Treasurer for many years, before being called into her current, paid position. “There is something about balancing books and being organized that I really enjoy.  My happy place is being at church, serving with Pastor Brent and the rest of the staff.  We have a great team!  Union Church and its people have been a source of comfort, joy, peace, wisdom and love for me.”

 Christine also works alongside Rob in their own business.  To balance their work lives, they spend as much time as possible with each other and their growing family.  They have three daughters, Adrienne, and her husband Nate, and their two, adorable daughters, Grace and Faith, (“little gifts from God”); Allison and her husband, Tyler; and Emily, who will complete her Music Therapy degree this year.  Emily has blessed Union Church with her beautiful voice for many years. When Christine is not trying to beat Rob at mini-golf, you might find them taking walks, watching sunsets, or hanging out by the fire pit. 

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