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Our Partners

These partners are making a difference in our community.



"Our mission is to provide preventive education to children and adults, empowering them with skills that create a safe society free from sexual abuse, bullying, and internet exploitation."

Hunger Action Team

The Vernon Hunger Action Team (HAT) brings together local government, schools, faith groups, businesses, nonprofit service providers and concerned residents to eliminate the problem of hunger in our community. 

We collaborate to maximize available resources and work to identify any gaps in service. Our goal is to provide workable solutions to ensure that no Vernon resident goes hungry. 

Caring Families

At Caring Families, our mission is to share the love and truth of God. We do this by providing women and men facing an unintended pregnancy with compassion and hope, to make life affirming decisions. We don't pressure or make judgments but rather everything we can to provide resources and help to anyone dealing with pregnancy related issues. Hearts Set Free is our free abortion recovery program that offers healing to women who've had abortions in the past.

Vernon Youth Services

The Vernon Youth Services Bureau is a Town of Vernon Department dedicated to providing:

  • Program Coordination
  • Information and Referral
  • Prevention Services
  • Early Intervention Services
  • Resource Development
  • Community Involvement
  • Youth Advocacy


Our mission is to help Christians be wise with money and live generously. To do that, we promise to help you along what we call the Wise With Money Journey. There are four guideposts on this journey, and we’re here to help you with each one:

  1. Know God’s money story.

  2. Own your story.
  3. Practice wise financial habits.
  4. Give of yourself

No matter where you are on this lifelong journey, we can guide you one step at a time so you can live a more content, confident and generous life.


The Cornerstone Foundation is a faith ministry with a mission to keep all people safe, fed, housed and clothed. We provide help to the community with a soup kitchen, two shelters, a food cupboard, clothing bank, and youth/outreach center.

Cornerstone has provided food, clothing and shelter to the needy for over 35 years with the help of mostly all volunteers.  

We have grown from a Soup Kitchen in one building to five ministries in four buildings on Prospect Street and School Street in Rockville, Connecticut