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Joshua is the first of the 12 historical books, and it gained its name from the exploits of Joshua, the understudy whom Moses prayed for and commissioned as a leader in Israel. 

“Joshua” means “Jehovah saves,” or “the LORD is salvation,” and corresponds to the NT name “Jesus.”

God delivered Israel in Joshua’s day when He was personally present as the saving Commander who fought on Israel’s behalf.

Joshua was born in Egyptian slavery, trained under Moses, and by God’s choice rose to his key position of leading Israel into Canaan. 

The theme of strength and courage permeates the entire book and as we trek through it this summer. It’s my prayer that we realize just like Joshua, since God is with us everyday we can be Strong & Courageous!

July 22, 2018 - “Cultivate a Courageous Faith” Audio and Video

July 29, 2018 “Getting Past Your Past” Audio and Video

August 5, 2018 “ Take the Step” Audio and Video

August 12, 2018 “ Principles for Victory” Audio and Video

August 19, 2018 “Hidden Sins and Damaged Lives” Audio and Video

August 26, 2018 “Recovering After Defeat” Audio and Video

September 9, 2018 “Moving Ahead After a Mistake” Audio and Video

September 16, 2018 “Resolved” Audio and Video