Meet our Leadership team


What is Union’s leadership structure?

We are Council led, Staff driven, Served by our Deacons and Congregationally Accountable. What does that mean?

  • Council Led: those appointed by the church membership, and guided by the Holy Spirit, with the responsibility to shepherd Christ’s church by spiritually feeding, leading, and protecting God’s people. (1 Timothy 3:1-7, Acts 20:28-31)

  • Staff Driven: paid staff are given the responsibility and authority to direct ministry, encourage the disconnected, and train volunteers, while being accountable to one another and the Council. (Acts 6:3-4, 1 Cor 9:7-9)

  • Served by our Deacons: those appointed by the church membership to pray for the congregation, serve communion, visit the elderly and members who are home-bound and support the efforts of the congregation at large. (1 Timothy 3:8-13)

  • Congregationally Accountable: the congregation is responsible for voting in the leadership and keep them accountable to scripture and the church membership.


Union Church is grateful to the volunteers who lead our Council, a group of Godly men who model the 1 Timothy description of a leader.

  • Rick McCracken

  • Steve Lamont

  • Brent Carl

  • Drew Crandall - Moderator

  • Bill Burkey

  • Chris Johnson

  • Dave Brown



Our church is blessed with a high-capacity, fun-loving group of men and women. At Union Church, we hire based on three overarching criteria: character(Godliness), competence (developed skill sets), and chemistry (plays well with others). Together, these servants form our ministry staff. Click on each photo to learn more about our team.



Once again, we are blessed with an amazing team of volunteers who bless the congregation with their mindful prayers, servant hearts and willing spirits.

  • Kim Boulette

  • Russ Kloter

  • Carol Kloter

  • Florence Solito

  • Carl Forbes

  • John Ditmer

  • Catherine Zeder


Business Committee

The Business Committee is a team of volunteers who have a gift with the finances of the church and hold the church leadership and staff accountable to a Godly standard.

  • Rob Hawley

  • Ray Dupere