Our Mission:

To focus on Biblical health, because healthy things grow.

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Here’s a few things we believe:

Nobody is perfect. We all have struggles, hang-ups, and doubts. Here at Union, we believe God made a way for us to really know Him. So we long to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. We take God very seriously and we take the Bible very seriously, but we try not to take ourselves too seriously. No matter your past, we want to help you take your next step on your spiritual journey. Whether you are exploring faith or have been following Jesus for decades, we'd love to have you join in this Sunday!


What does Sunday morning look like?


The only thing we'll ask of you is simple: relax. You don't have to dress up. Upon arrival we have a team of friendly people to welcome you, smile and say hello. There will be clean, fun, and safe age-appropriate settings for your kids (babies - 5th grade). The service will include some music, a few people will pray, and a talk explaining how to apply a part of the Bible. After about 90 minutes, it's over. 

What about the music? We are grateful to our team of musical artists who play a mix of contemporary and traditional music. From hymns to the latest in worship music.  

Once a month (the first Sunday,) we have communion where we share in what Jesus taught His disciples to do in remembrance of Him. We use grape juice and gluten free wafers as our communion elements.

Hot coffee is available after the service during the Connection Time. During Connection Time, head over to our welcome center and introduce yourself and get a free gift. Oh, and we always have free Bibles, should you need one. We hope you’ll stay and meet the family!


Want to know where to Park?

We are located in downtown Rockville, so parking can be confusing.


Have kids?

We here at Union love to see our kids grow spiritually in their faith. We encourage family worship, so part way through the service after worshiping all together, the kids will leave and go with their coaches to Power Hour. Union Church uses the Word of Life Curriculum by a team of dedicated, background checked volunteers.

We ask that you register your child below and upon arriving at Union Church, seek out the Youth Ministries Table and sign your child in. Once the child is signed in, they will be all set to attend Power Hour. After the service is over, our youth ministry intern will be ready and waiting for you to sign your child out before picking them up.


Have babies?

Union has a dedicated team of background checked volunteers who want to bless you with a time of worship with little distractions. You are able to bring your baby to our nursery at the beginning of the service or any time during the service. Please register your child below and upon arrival to the church, seek out one of our greeters and they will direct you where to go.